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Firstly a bit on our name. BW9 is made up of two people. Becky and Wayne Niner. Hence the BW9. We first got involved with the sport professionally around 4 years ago. During that time we managed some PDC stars including Kevin Painter and Nathan Aspinall. We decided to move away from player management in 2017.

We had talked about opening a shop for some time and when we purchased a new home with a large garage we decided to convert it into a state of the art darts shop where people can come and try out all our different darts on a professional throw. We provide a fantastic 'try before you buy' service which our customers have loved.

Our philosophy is that we are here to help. Whether you've been playing for 50 years or just starting, we will do our absolute best to provide you with what you need. Happy darting!!!! 

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